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Nilufer Tarzi Kuran is a jewelry designer living in Istanbul, Turkey. She is the daughter of an Afghani father and a Turkish mother. After her studies for jewelry design in the United States she has started her business in 2001.

Her jewelry is being sold in Four Seasons Hotel Beşiktaş Gift Shop, Swiss Hotel Pırıl Bazaar İstanbul, Harvey Nichols Riyadh, Harvey Nichols Kuwait, O’de Rose Boutique Dubai, Biella Accessories İstinye Park İstanbul. She had participated in exhibitions in May 2005 at the 19th century baroque palace of Beylerbeyi where the Ottoman sultans enjoyed as a summer retreat, She has also participated in an exhibition called ‘ZENDA’ meaning ‘Alive’ in Persian at the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai ( Art-space Gallery ) amongst worldwide photographers Steve McCury, Harriet Logan, Afghani photographer and United Nations goodwill ambassador Zalmai Ahad, and the Afghani designer Sarah Takesh.

In November 2009 Nilufer has desiged a unique piece of jewelry for the first anniversary of the prestigious art magazine CANVAS of Middle East. The theme of the night was ‘ Number One ‘ and ‘ Christies of London’  have auctioned the pieces which has been  donated to various charities in a special charity dinner which was held  in Dubai.
She has exhibited  in London the collection which is called The Ancient Memories.

Nilufer comes from the Tarzi family which is a well known family of Afghanistan. Tarzi family have been involved in ruling of Afghanistan for five hundred years. She was always influenced by the jewels of her late great aunt Queen Sorayah of Afghanistan. The tales and the memories of the family’s heritage were and still are a great influence in her designs.

Nilufer’s inspirations are from the history, also she is inspired from ancient Egypt, ancient Roman, Greek civilizations, the Ottoman Empire, the Maharajas of India, the Renaissance period and 18th century France.

The recent ‘Ancient Memories’ collection is divided into three themes which are the Secrets of the Harem, Memories of the Maharajas and the Mysteries of the Renaissance.

Her collections are created using 22kt gold with semi precious stones and gold plated silver.

Nilufer has been interviewed by many prestigious magazines of the world such as ‘ Point de Vue ‘ of France, Maison Francaise, Bazaar, The Canvas Magazine of Middle East and ‘ Vouge ‘ of Greece, W Jewelry magazine of USA and Departures Magazine of USA.

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